ADHD can interrupt daily life, becoming a hindrance or obstacle to you or your child’s success.
Does your child have difficulty following instructions? Do they act impulsively and have trouble sitting still? Do they sit quietly and stare into space? Perhaps that doesn’t sound too different from yourself while you’re trying to focus at work or study for a huge final. ADHD can cause disruptions at home, in the classroom, at work, with peer interactions, and even family relationships.
We understand that sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the line between “normal” distractions and distractions caused by ADHD. It’s time to take control of your ADHD instead of allowing it to control you. We are here to help you through a process that utilizes new technology to provide objective data that will clearly direct us toward the best treatment process for you or your child.
Just by answering 20 questions, you can receive immediate results to know if you or your child are showing signs of ADHD.


There are 3 core symptom areas for ADHD: inattention (cannot focus), hyperactivity (cannot sit still), and impulsivity (acts without thinking).

These symptoms can manifest in a myriad of ways, but if you or your child are showing regular symptoms of ADHD, then help or medication may be needed to help manage the distractions, improve relationships, and position you or child for success in the classroom and in the workplace.

We are one of the few psychiatric locations in Orange County with a Quotient ADHD System which makes diagnosing ADHD extremely accurate and objective.

ADHD can be particularly difficult to diagnose due to its subjective and situational evaluation process, not to mention it shares many symptoms with other illnesses. But with the Quotient ADHD System, the three core symptom areas specific to ADHD (inattention, hyperactivity, and impulsivity) are accurately evaluated by measuring the patient’s motion and evaluating his or her attentiveness to generate objective data that is compared to a population standard with or without ADHD.


The process is simple. If you have concerns that you or your child may have ADHD and would like to get tested, first make a consultation appointment.

During the appointment, the doctor will determine whether he or she suspects that you or your child have ADHD.

The next step is to schedule the 15-20 minute test using the Quotient ADHD System.

Once the diagnosis is made, we determine the best course of treatment that will be individually tailored to the specific type of ADHD or co-existing conditions.

OCPA has over 15 years experience testing and treating children and adults with ADHD, and wants to use this expertise to do the same for you or your child.

We understand that navigating through ADHD symptoms can be stressful, scary, and sometimes frustrating.

We are here to help walk you and your family through this journey towards a happy and balanced life. You’ll find with the proper treatment, you or your child will perform better in the classroom, have more self discipline at home, be more focused and motivated in the workplace, and have happier and more fulfilled relationships. Don’t wait to take the right steps towards a clear, controlled, and focused future.
I've been a patient of Dr Scott's for over 5 years. I really appreciate his wonderful office staff, they are courteous and friendly. His genuine demeanor makes it easy as a patient to talk to him. He's helped me many times with the events in my life.
Mark B.



5 Extended Sessions
1 Quotient ADHD
System Test


15 Extended Sessions
3 Quotient
System Tests


10 Extended Sessions
2 Quotient ADHD
System Tests
Prices presented are for cash paying patients only and include a 60 minute evaluation and 30 minute follow ups. If you wish to pay for each session separately, you will be subject to our standard pricing of $375 for a 45 minute evaluation, $300 for each Quotient ADHD System test and $250 for each 30 minute follow up. Further follow ups beyond the packaged price will be subject to our standard price. Payment plans available upon request.